I started my fashion career in the UK where I studied pattern cutting and fashion illustration gaining the fundamental skills to start my career.
After years in the UK I wanted to pursue Australia which is where I decided to launch my fashion. After two years of research trialing fabrics and working closely with my pattern cutter the Paul Anthony shirt was launched.
Being a staple shirt I wanted it to have a difference and realised so many guys have a problem with the chest gape. So I introduced the extra button which was sampled and instantly became my signature difference. The three button chest detail was born - a practical design element.
I also sourced the highest quality lightweight breathable cotton to suit the hotter climate of Australia and to become the holiday staple most guys need.
The shirts are tailored longer to ensure versatility when wearing as a lot of shirts on the market are tailored shorter. All Paul Anthony shirts have fitted sleeves to emphasise the shape of the arm whilst still allowing unrestricted movement.
It’s tailoring with a purpose.